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30 Minute Solo Sailing Race Timer

This is a 30 minute mechanical twist timer with Buzzer for shorthanded or singlehanded racing. The unit works on 12V supply, and features a very LOUD beeping alarm that will not stop until either the timer is re-set, or the unit is switched off at the fuse panel – or...

Solo Sails Quality T-Shirt

High Quality Heavy Cotton T-Shirt in Charcoal Grey with Solo Sails Logo front and back.

Available in six sizes

SOAK Alloy sail racing rigging Dogbones

This multi purpose lightweight rigging solution or ‘Dogbone’ is designed to be used in a variety of different applications. It has three main uses.

A halyard knot for – Spinnakers, outhauls, tack lines etc.

Soft eye loop and stopper – quick release sheet ends, reefing tack lines etc.

Pin with lanyard attached – for reefing lines, outhauls, halyard and anywhere where a knot may pull through!

Size Weight SWL BS L Max D1 Min D2 Line Size
No.8 4g 277kg 454kg 36mm 8mm 5mm 3mm
No.10 7g 454kg 907kg 45mm 10mm 7mm 3-5mm
No.12 15g 1,360kg 2,721kg 52mm 12mm 8.5mm 5-7mm

Selden Low Friction Rings – Thimbles – Ferrules

Selden Low friction rings or thimbles are a light, low friction, maintenance free rigging ring in black anodised aluminium. Suitable for backstay cascades, barber haulers, kicker tackles or any other applications with static load.

Diam. outer (mm) Diam. inner (mm) Safe working load (kg) Breaking load (kg) Max line size (mm)
12 5 150 300 3
18 8 350 700 5
25 11 750 1500 7
35 16 1500 3000 10
50 22 3000 6000 14
70 30 6000 12000 20

Karver KJH Sheet Handle

The Karver KJH line handle makes sheet trimming kind on your hands, Now your hands can feel soft as your face!

Solo Sails Key Fob

Solo Sails webbing key-fob with 4mm Stainless steel ring (does not include the coiled key ring or Harken Bottle opener, or keys!)

Karver KB Block Range

The Karver KB block is the original flying block that started the company brand.

Simple, light, efficient and slick. What more can you say!?

Bi-Fold Sailcloth Wallets

These sailcloth wallets are fun, look cool and are made from end of roll or cut sail scraps.

Each one is individually made, but all have a basic theme of laminate cloth.

If you have a particular idea of which cloth you prefer, just drop a note at checkout and if we haven’t got it already, we can probably make you one!

Ropeye Covered Dyneema Loop

Ropeye Loop Characteristics
Ropeye Fitting Instructions

Ropeye TDP – Through-Deck Pushing

The Ropeye TDP is an essential through deck fitting required for the correct installation of the Ropeye Loops.

They come in 4 sizes: Please see the chart below for selection

Karver Furler Lashing Thimbles

Genuine Karver lashing thimbles for the complete Karver furler range

Selden PBB50 50mm Fiddle/Twin Cam Block – Plain Bearing

Great for organising and controlling continuous furling lines.

Selden Thimble for CX Furlers

Torsion Line thimble for the Selden CX furler range

Selden PBB60 60mm Fiddle/Twin Cam Block – Plain Bearing

Great for organising and controlling continuous furling lines.