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Solo Sailing Waterproof Timer Alarm 3 – 63 mins

The all new V2 Solo Sails Sailing timer has been re-designed to be lighter, yet more rugged and is completely waterproof up to a minimum of IP65 rating (Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.)

The required countdown time is set on the twist dial, and once the power is supplied, the timer will countdown and sound the 94db pulse tone buzzer which will continue indefinitely until the reset button on the top is pressed, which will begin the countdown cycle again.

At any point the reset button can be pressed, resetting the timer back to the set countdown value.

At any point, the countdown setting can be altered, resetting the countdown to the new value.

Important disclaimer:

Worldwide Collision Regulations state that when at sea, a capable crew member must be on watch at all times.

Consequently, the use of this timer for sleeping whilst sailing single-handed is against col regs and Solo Sails accept no liability for accidents, loss, injuries or death caused during the use of this timer for sleeping whilst at sea.


Continuous Loop Furling Line (Spliced) per metre

A spliced continuous furling loop line for our range of Furlers sold by the metre including the splicing fee*

*£30 will be added at checkout for the loop line splicing fee

(Please order the length required for the full loop, IE DOUBLE the finished length required)

Selden Double Fairlead for Stanchion

Selden Double Fairlead for Stanchions

Colligo Marine Torsion Rope Clamp

Colligo Marine Torsion Rope clamp for Top Down and Code Zero Furler systems.

Karver 2:1/3:1 Block For KF Furler

2:1 / 3:1 block to suit Karver halyard swivel – nb. Swivel NOT INCLUDED

Selden Bowsprit Bow Bracket Rings

Range of Bowsprit Brackets for the Selden bowsprit kits.

Karver KF0.9 Furler V3

The Karver KF 0.9 is the smallest Karver Straight luff furler.

For sails up to 50m2

Selden CX Furler Kit

The Selden CX Furler kit for code zero or other “straight luff” sails comes with the drum and head swivel.

The torsion line, thimbles and furling line are sold separately.

Selden Anti-Torsion Cable for CX Furler

The Selden Anti-Torsion Line for CX and GX furlers