British Made Sails

All of our sails are designed and built by us at our sail loft in Cornwall, UK.

We do not outsource any of our sail design to any other company (foreign or British), except in the case of our D4 and load path string-sails, for which (like the majority of lofts worldwide), we do not have the required equipment. However, our loadpath sails are still hand finished by us in the UK.

This means that our sails cost less, take less time to arrive, are not shipped halfway around the world and help to keep the economy going in the UK.

Plus, as we know your sails inside out from start to finish, we can happily guarantee our quality of build giving you total peace of mind that your sail order is in good hands.

Like many other small UK businesses, we are striving to keep quality British design skills and manufacturing alive in the UK, we appreciate your support.

Thank You.


Made In Great Britain

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