Top Down Spinnaker Furlers

We are now supplying the full  range of Karver KSF Top Down Spinnaker furlers which make the deployment and retrieval of spinnakers, code zeros and cruising chutes pretty much child’s play.

Unlike traditional code sail furling, the spinnaker furler starts from the top of the sail. The tack swivel on the Karver KSF furler makes sure the furling is safe and does not damage the spinnaker.

The tack line can be adjusted from the cockpit to fine tune spinnaker position and shape.Once the luff is tensioned, the furling is more efficient enabling user to drop the sail faster.

The same furler can be interchanged to use with the full inventory of sails: Code sail, stay sail, or asymmetrical spinnaker.

We can also make up the torsion rope and continuous furling line for you too, for more information and advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can buy a KSF furler from our on-line store here
Boat Length (ft) Boat Length (m) Spinnaker only Spinnaker  & Code 0
17-23 5-7.5 KSF 1 KSF 1
23-33 7.5-10 KSF 1 KSF 2
33-43 10- 1 3 KSF 2 KSF 2
43-53 13- 1 6 KSF 2 KSF 5
53-66 16-20 KSF 5 KSF 8
66-83 20-25 KSF 8 KSF 12
Sail Area (sq ft) Sail Area (sq m) Spinnaker only Spinnaker  & Code 0
375 sq ft 35m2 KSF 1 KSF 1
645 sq ft 60m2 KSF 1 KSF 2
860 sq ft 80m2 KSF 2 KSF 2
1,615 sq ft 150m2 KSF 2 KSF 5
2,690 sq ft 250m2 KSF 5 KSF 8
3,770 sq ft 350m2 KSF 8 KSF 12

Made In Great Britain