Hugh Kilpatrick – Nicholson 43 – Race Spinnaker

Hi Andrew

I just wanted to let you know that we unpacked the spinnaker at Ardfern on Thursday morning before bundling it into the bag and setting off.  We had a trial run on the way up to the start in about 20 knots true and we absolutely flew up to Oban, managing 8 knots plus (and leading to a very delicate helm!).  Sadly the Friday and Saturday legs were all to windward so there was no chance to fly it until the Sunday.  We had it up in 25 knots true on Sunday and were creaming along until a big gust hit us during a gybe and we wrapped it spectacularly around the forestay where it remained for quarter of an hour while we took an absolute pasting trying to work out how on earth to get it back down.  We finally managed and I am pleased to say that it was undamaged (thank goodness).

It’s a brilliant sail and much faster than the old big one.  You may have an order for another one exactly the same for our sister yacht coming at some point in the winter!

Many thanks again,


Reaching with symmetrical spinnaker Solo Sails Race spinnaker Pink racing spinnaker

Nicholson 43 spinnaker and Mainsail

Made In Great Britain