Ian Boston – Pogo 1250 – Full Set of Racing Sails

Dear Andrew,

“All the sails fit perfectly, and the shape of the main now looks fantastic. I’ve shared some photos in [1], the modified sails start after the shot of the unmodified main head with the tape measure. The main now really responds to halyard tension with the head forming and draft fixing as the tension is applied. It doesn’t take much.

The Code 5 in the pictures was fully tensioned with some to spare and the Solent also has spare. The foil is now back to where the spec says it should be with room for the top terminal to pump. It’s hard to tell what the shape of the Solent looks like without any wind in it, but as far as I could tell it also looks great. ”

“Shape of all the sails remains great as is the main cover. A few weekends ago we were getting 10kn at under 30 awa in 35 aws with a 0.5m chop. On the plane upwind isn’t what I was expecting.

Best Regards


Made In Great Britain