Kelvin Hull – Dufour 40 Performance – Hydranet Radial Mainsail


Sail fits fine and looks great thank you.

I need one of those Velcro strops to hold down the clew. Did you say that you were going to put in a Cunningham?

Also, for your future reference. The sail ties are a bit short. They are fine once the sail is down and folded properly, however on arrival at Alderney last week and short handed in a bit of wind the ties are a bit short to get the sail under control.

Anyway it’s a really good mainsail.

In the future (as funds become available) what would be an outline cost for an asymmetric spinnaker. Just a ball park number would be good.

Thanks again



I am still really pleased with the sail and can’t see any areas that need attention, however, you did offer to cast an expert eye over it during the winter to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Can I arrange to get the sail to you for you to have a look over it for me while it is now off the boat for the winter?

Also you did say that you had some spare material to construct the Cunningham. Is this something you could do whilst the sail is with you?

You asked for some pics, see attached.
Kind regards


Hydranet Radial Limited Silver edition


Hydranet Radial Mainsail in constructionOverhead Leech-line Headboard Overhead Leech-line

Made In Great Britain