Phil Clough – Django 6.70 – Code Zero

Hi Andrew

firstly, I love the code 0 you made for Zigzag (my Django 6.70) it works great as well as looking the business 🙂 boat is now back home in Poole after a great cpl of weeks day-sailing her back from Concarneau.

can I ask, the thimbles you used on the torsion line, are they made by Karver? I ask because the ones that Incidences used on the line they provided are too deep to allow the Karver pin through, whilst the ones on the code 0 from you are perfect. Annoying, but at least it’s a sail i can use off the furler for now.

and also, I am thinking that I could get myself another downwind sail for when the wind is up a little, 15+knts say and well behind me… ie; above the range of my bigger (Incidences) Gennaker… enough sail to keep my boat on the boil but tough enough to survive the inevitable occasional broach and gusts… i’d want to put it on my furler… your thoughts from your 6.50 experience?

thanks Andrew


Django 670 Code Zero

Made In Great Britain