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Hi Andrew,

Thanks so much for the info.

I would like to thank you for an excellent design service and can we get it into production asap.

My rough calculations give a 2% increase in speed for a 1% [IRC] rating increase so it appears to be going in the right direction and will improve our lighter air performance. I measured the backstay offset at the black band today and it was 250mm so I hope this is around the same as shown in the design.

Once again many thanks for your efforts



Dear *****,

We must make allowances in the design for expected resultant twist and stretch etc due to loaded sail deformation as the Aero module assumes that the shape is a finitely solid structure which of course it isn’t. So it’s only a good indicator rather than a final solution.

The overall force increase between the two mainsails is 9.5 daN (dekanewtons)

Cheers, Andrew

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