A list of free sailmaking design and analysis programs available from the Solo Sails Server

SailPack Design Viewer software

SailPack Viewer Software

SailPack Viewer is basically a Lite version of our design software. It enables us to send you a copy of your sail design so that you can study it in the same level of detail as us. Obviously there is no ability to edit the sails, but you can choose cloth colours, check the shape profiles and much more.

Sail Camber analytical software

SailPack Vision software

SailPack Vision software from BSG is a free sail shape analysis tool. Simply import a photo of your sail taken from the foot of the sail looking up, draw on the camber lines and the software will tell you detailed information about your sail flying shape including depth, draft position, twist etc.

Sail Measurement Forms

Mainsail Measurement Form

Mainsail Measurement Form

Headsail Measurement Form

Head-sail Measurement Form