Downwind Sails

Spinnaker Clew

Downwind Cruising Sails


Our Cruising Range of downwind spinnakers and asymmetric cruising chutes are designed to be stable and easy to handle.

We use top quality cloth and design using full radial layouts and as always, we cut and build all of our sails in-house at our loft in the UK using quality webbing reinforcements and radial patches.

The introduction of Top Down Furlers, has revolutionised the ease of handling of downwind sails and makes fast downwind and light air cruising much more user friendly. Please talk to us today about the different sail handling options available.

Code Zeros have now become a fantastic choice of performance enhancing sail for the cruiser, a light to medium air close reaching sail that furls and stows with ease and lessens the amount of engine time.

Downwind Racing Sails


For the racing sailor, we supply the full range of Spinnaker and Asymmetric sails.

From deep light runners, to C5 and C0 reachers, we work personally with you to identify your sail plan’s performance weak spots and improve all round race boat speed.

We build with the best material manufacturers, and use the best downwind sail design software available.

We use Dyneema webbing on all of our performance racing spinnakers making our sails, light, tough and fast.

Lizzy Foreman Downwind Racing Sails

Asymmetric Sails


The ‘A0’ is a close reaching spinnaker similar to a Code Zero, but with a free flying luff.

  • TWS of 2-15 Knots
  • TWA of 60-130 Degrees
  • Perfect for close light airs sailing
  • Ideal for use with a Top Down Furler
  • Rates as an IRC Spinnaker

The ‘A2’ is a smaller version of the A3, often fractional, it’s for stronger broad reaching conditions and also used as a spare when racing

  • TWS of 5-20 Knots
  • TWA of 100-160 Degrees
  • Stable design
  • Ideal for use with a snuffer
  • Rates as an IRC Spinnaker


The ‘A3’ is your default ‘Go To’ All purpose asymmetric kite. It’s a large, broad reaching sail.

  • TWS of 3-18 Knots
  • TWA of 80-160 Degrees
  • Very Stable
  • Great for general cruising in light to medium airs
  • Ideal for use with a snuffer
  • Rates as your largest IRC Spinnaker

The A5 is primarily for tight reaching in fresher breezes. It also doubles as a handy ‘Chicken Chute’ for deeper reaching in stronger winds.

  • TWS of 6-20+ Knots
  • TWA of 80-140 Degrees
  • Perfect for fresh airs reaching
  • Very useful all-round sail for all occasions
  • Rates as an IRC Spinnaker