Boat Show Sail Quote Price-Match

London Boat ShowIt’s that time of year again when all the big lofts head over to the boat show in order to drum up some orders for the winter ahead, and for the customer, a good chance to snap a bargain price for that ‘well needed’ set of new sails.

When we started Solo Sails, we took the decision to stay small, not advertise much (if at all) in the ‘Glossy’s’ and not go to the boat shows, simply so that we could keep our overheads low, quality high, then pass that saving on to our customers.

This is why we are now able to offer our “unbeatable” Boat-Show Price-Match scheme without any loss to sail build or material quality.

It’s all very simple…

Once you have got your best price from all of the exhibiting sailmakers, give Andrew a call on 01736 366004 and we will do our best to beat the best quote on a like for like basis*. – Easy!

Bearing in mind, we simply do not use cheap/low grade cloth, so if you send a quote that is using an inferior grade cloth, we can point out what our quote would be should we use that cloth, so you can see the price match, but our final quote will always be using the best cloth available.

Please also bear in mind, we design, cut and build all of our sails one at a time at our British Loft, using the very best precision technology available globally, we do not have any of our sails made in China or anywhere else, helping keep the British economy alive and in recovery. – Always remember to ask where the sails are being made!

We’re standing by for your quotes, and look forward to working with you this winter for some fantastic, unbeatable sail deals!

*For our Price-Match Quote to be valid, we will require a copy of the competitors quote before we commence any work.

If you would prefer to get a quote straight away, please visit our simple on-line quote page here …

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