Dimension Polyant Introduces UVi Sailcloth Technology

UVi TechnologyDIMENSION-POLYANT® has developed a new UVi® technology to improve the UV stability of their premium woven polyester sailcloth styles by up to 15%!

Application of the UVi® technology in the finishing process increases the resistance to degradation from UV light by 10 – 15 %. Comparison tests have shown that there is no woven sailcloth available with better UV stability than the fabrics produced with this proprietary finish. The new UVi® Technology represents a remarkable step ahead in overall durability and longevity.

“In combination with the highest quality fibres that DIMENSION-POLYANT has committed to for the premium sailcloth market, our performance woven styles are clearly setting the benchmark for such fabrics. In our product information leaflets we have flagged the related lines of woven styles with this new mark of quality. Look for this designation to ensure your use of this unique product line”.

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