Lizzy Foreman makes her new sails

Lizzy ForemanThis week at the loft, we’re lucky enough to have the pleasure of a visit from Lizzy, she is down to help design and build her next batch of sails for her single-handed Mini Transat campaign.

So far, we have designed and cut a radial mainsail to be constructed out of the relatively new Dimension Polyant ‘Pro Radial’ cloth, a warp orientated woven polyester specifically manufactured to bridge the gap between woven cross cut sails and radial laminates.

The Class Mini rules forbid the use of Laminate materials for mainsails, as well as Aramid fibres, so Pro Radial cloth is the perfect option to provide the best shape and stability within the class regs, longevity of the mainsail is something that is extremely important for the minis, as this sail has to last well over 3000 miles of serious single-handed abuse! Lizzy Foreman Sewing sails at Solo Sails Sailmakers

The second sail Lizzy is helping us make just now is her new furling Code Zero. The code Zero for the class mini is not restricted by IRC rules (effectively being a one design class), so there is no need to try and bend the rules to make it rate as a spinnaker,… you can actually make the code zero how it should be, without the silly full mid girth leech!

Lizzy is still trying to raise funds for her campaign, so please take a moment to visit her site and have a look at her fund raising options…

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