30 Minute Solo Sailing Race Timer

30 Minute Solo Sailing Race Timer

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This is a 30 minute mechanical twist timer with Buzzer for shorthanded or singlehanded racing.

The unit works on 12V supply, and features a very LOUD beeping alarm that will not stop until either the timer is re-set, or the unit is switched off at the fuse panel – or hit with a winch handle – (we do not recommend this method).

The unit is splash proof, but not waterproof/submersible.

Weight: 300gms

Dimensions: 100 x 115 x 80mm

Extremely low power consumption (nothing apart from buzzer when sounding)

Important disclaimer:

Worldwide Collision Regulations state that when at sea, a capable crew member must be on watch at all times.

Consequently, the use of this timer for sleeping whilst sailing single-handed is against col regs. Solo Sails accept no liability for accidents, loss, injuries or death caused during the use of this timer.

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5 reviews for 30 Minute Solo Sailing Race Timer

  1. Timothy Long

    Simple and very loud! It took me around Britain and did the job perfectly, It is also very easy and quick to install… I installed mine the morning of when I left!

  2. Artemis Offshore Academy

    We have installed 5 into our fleet of Figaro’s. A great compact unit with a sensible timing dial. Lightweight and loud what more could you need.

  3. Nick Cherry

    Way better than the more common 60 or 120 minute version. Being able to chose exactly how many minutes you want to sleep for is great, are the little glow fast stripes on the dial and Woody’s service. Not quite loud enough to really hurt your skull but I haven’t slept through it yet!

  4. Nikki Curwen

    Great little device. Super easy to install and use. You can’t possibly sleep through it – infact I’d be willing to bet it could wake anyone, it’s that loud!

  5. Pip Hare

    I used this timer on my Pogo 2 during the mini transat and other races.
    It’s great, very easy to install, minimum draw on power and it woke me up every time. Also survived getting very wet!

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