Paul W: Hunter Delta : Radial cut performance Laminate Jib with internal Taffeta


So your mind is at rest sail fits A okay.

Will need to put a small protection patch on each side to stop chaffing on cross-trees and the tell tales I will change.  Might also look at a small protection patch where it goes over top of forward stanchion, have wheels on the rail but on my other genoa’s still get a little wear at that point.

On beat when car’s set right getting the foot just touching outer shroud and the cross tree at same time.

Yesterday winds up to probably 12 knts max, most of the time around 8 knts sailed away from fleet, beat to Mountamopus Buoy then reach into Porthleven, won on water by 12 minutes from next boat which was also a Delta, “Rainbows”.  She does have a set of main and genoa genisis although they are around 6 years old have they not been used a lot.  Also it had [XXXX XXXX] helming and if you don’t know him he is very good, would rate him in top 4 of the club.

Test comes Monday and Thursday when we normally get a better racing fleet out and will be against First Class 8’s etc.  Winds looking ideal for her again.

Will get some photo’s hopefully next weekend.

Thanks for getting it done by Saturday really appreciated.

Paul W

Performance racing jib

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