Solo Sails Sponsor Lizzy Foreman’s Mini Transat Campaign

Lizzy Foreman

We’re very proud to be helping young British solo sailor Lizzy Foreman power her solo racing project by providing sails during her two year Mini Transat campaign.

In partnership with Dimension Polyant who will be supplying the highest quality performance sailcloth, Solo Sails will be designing and building all of Lizzy’s sails over the next two seasons during her exciting racing campaign.

Lizzy has already started her season’s racing in order to qualify for the Transat in 2015, by enrolling in a tough series of single and double-handed offshore races. She will be upgrading her existing sail wardrobe over the next few months as we re-design her sails around her requirements.

Pull down test for Classe Mini measurement

Andrew Wood (Owner of Solo Sails) – “The Mini Transat is very dear to my heart, as it is the race that first got me into solo sailing and ultimately sailmaking. These amazing little boats are a breeding ground for not only literally the best offshore sailors in the world, but it’s also a real hotbed for design development in terms of hull, rig, electronics and sails. Almost every modern racing yacht idea has been tested on a mini before making it to the big brothers in the Volvo Ocean etc, including canting keels, Auto pilots, lithium batteries, water ballast, square head mainsails etc etc etc. So it’s a great partnership for us to not only to help Lizzy with her campaign, but also for us to try out some new designs.”

Lizzy has already been down to our loft in Cornwall where she helped make her first Solo Sail, a code 5. We believe it’s great for the sailor to be involved in the design and build stages, as it really gives the sailor the ability to understand how the sails work and the designer to get a better feel for what the sailor wants, as well as how the sails are performing on the water. Then, both are in a better position to improve future sail designs and and ultimately increase the boat’s performance.

Obviously, we will be keenly following Lizzy’s progress throughout the season, but you can also follow her blog too at

Go Lizzie!

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