Toby Isles’ Mini Transat Qualifier Video

Toby Isles has just released this fantastic video of his single handed Mini Transat qualifying passage that he completed earlier this year on his RG650 ‘Mintaka’.

Every Mini Transat competitor has to complete a 1000 mile, non-stop single-handed route in order to prove the boat and skipper’s ability to navigate safely on a long solo voyage before they are allowed to race cross the Atlantic.

As you can see in Toby’s video, the conditions can of course be very varied over such a long race and the skipper must be able to manage himself and the boat as well as get some time to sleep, all whilst racing at full speed!

This video is particularly nice for us to see as Toby’s boat is 100% powered by Solo Sails using Dimension Polyant Cloth. I think the only sail in Mintaka’s wardrobe we don’t see of ours is the Storm Jib!

Good Luck Toby for the 2015 Mini Transat!


Made In Great Britain