Racing Sails

Paul's Pogo 2 with Solo SailsWe specialise in high performance light racing sails for both short-handed offshore sailing as well as inshore and club racing. One thing these events have in common is the need for well engineered quality sails that are designed around the owners requirements and that perform to the boats full potential.

This is where Solo Sails range of performance racing sails excel. We do not supply ‘off the shelf’ sails, we take each clients individual requirements, design the sails around a full 3D CAD model of the boat, test this model in CFD air flow simulators before sending the client an interactive 3D model to study and to discuss the finer details.


Load Path SailsWhen all parties are happy, we computer cut the panels on our state of the art cutting machine, then construct the sails according to the material and layout choice using only the finest hardware including Dyneema webbing, Dyneema leech lines and quality battens.

Plus, because we charge for our time, not simply a flat percentage rate on materials, our Aramid/Carbon high performance racing sails are among the best value racing sails available in the UK.

Our interactive 3D viewer enables our customers to see what we are seeing in the loft at design stage.

To see an example of one of our 3D interactive models, click in the box below.

This is not the actual viewer we send you at design stage, for this we have a dedicated viewer program which enables you to select materials, view dimensions, view mould and skeleton designs as well as many other important features.

Some examples of our Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) studies of our racing sails.