Mr Harding : Sigma 38 : Hydranet Radial Mainsail

Andrew a pic of our very nice mainsail... "Sailed to Poole and back with the new main , I really like it , and I find it incredible that you can make such a nice looking sail having not made any other sigma [38] sails before..." Hydranet Radial durable Race Mainsail...

Geoff Duniam : Mini Transat : Pentex Solent

Hey Woody, I really liked the sail - great shape, good power, very forgiving (important when you're dog tired, as we know!) and I thought very durable.

Mini Transat 659 Leads UK Mini Fastnet start

Mini Transat AUS 659 Leading the start of the 2012 UK Mini Fastnet fleet with a Solo Sails headsail. Geoff on Mini 659 (second Mini Transat off the start line) during the start of the 2012 UK Mini Fastnet from Plymouth, sporting his new Solo Sails double reefed Solent...

M Russchen : VQ 32 : Durable Performance Reefing #2

Hey Woody !! Hope you and your family are well ! The jib is great, absolutely. Pointing very high and good speeds, so I am a happy customer. Maarten

Paul W: Hunter Delta : Radial cut performance Laminate Jib with internal Taffeta

Andrew So your mind is at rest sail fits A okay. Will need to put a small protection patch on each side to stop chaffing on cross-trees and the tell tales I will change.  Might also look at a small protection patch where it goes over top of forward stanchion, have...