Welcome to the Solo Sails Sailmakers Public WIFI System

Solo Sails Location MapLocated at the head of the Newlyn Harbour car-park, Solo Sails make and repair sails, covers and general canvas work, as well as supply bespoke adhesive vinyl  lettering etc.

We carry a limited stock of sail hardware, rope, materials, thread and general sail chandlery.

We issue FREE 12 HOUR WIFI ACCESS VOUCHERS for all of our customers on request.

Please feel free to pop up to the loft during working hours.

Wifi Data Plans

  • FREE ACCESS : With this option, you may use up to 5 minutes of free WIFI data every 24 hours. – *This free service has reduced/throttled data speeds and is intended only to allow daily checking of emails and weather.
  • VOUCHER ACCESS* : We give FREE 12 HOUR ACCESS VOUCHERS with unrestricted data speeds for every Solo Sails customer. Please enquire at our sail loft for further details. Free vouchers will be valid for 1 week after activation.
  • PAID ACCESS* : This option has no data speed or download restrictions. Login access will be valid for 1 month after activation. 

*Please remember to log off in order to pause your credit time (our system will log you off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity).

Please note: We have tried to ensure good reception over the entire marina, however, the berths at the far end of the pontoons are at the limits of our coverage and depend largely on your own device’s WIFI transmission capabilities. We doubt that you will be able to use our WIFI below decks without an external WIFI antenna.

For the most reliable WIFI reception, the harbour car park will be the best place to ensure a good, uninterrupted signal.

This service is intended for general web browsing, checking the weather, social media and emails, it is not intended for streaming of video or downloading music etc. Attempting to do so will cause slower browsing for other users, please be considerate.

If you have any technical problems, please feel free to pop into the loft, or contact us during office hours on 01736 366004 or info@solosails.com

Our standard usage disclaimer

These following websites will always be accessible for free with or without credit on this WIFI network:

www.solosails.com – Sailmakers and repairers based in Newlyn harbour
www.metoffice.gov.uk – Weather Information for the UK
www.paypal.com – Money transfer services